Media professors' use of mobile phones in education and their level of academic competence

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As mobile technologies proliferate, there is a growing need to understand how smartphones and applications impact teaching and learning. This quantitative study examined how university media professors integrate mobiles into instruction and relationships with competence. A survey of 75 Egyptian professors analyzed device usage, app integration approaches, perspectives, and teaching efficacy perceptions. Results revealed a high reliance on smartphones to access resources (81.3%), frequently utilize mobiles for education (46.7% daily), and predominantly leverage apps for content development and student communication. A positive correlation emerged between mobile app usage and academic competence indicators, including self-efficacy and withstanding pressures. No significant differences were found across professor demographics. The findings affirm smartphones’ vital role in contemporary university teaching and learning. Purposeful integration of mobile apps enhances professors’ confidence and capabilities for active learning strategies. Optimal adoption remains limited, highlighting opportunities for tailored policies, training, and evaluation to empower mobile learning. This study provides baseline evidence to guide the effective leveraging of emerging mobile technologies for enriching higher education pedagogy and outcomes.

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